SCIF – iFortress’ iMove ExecuSuite™: Secure, Scalable Sensitive Work Environments

Revolutionizing the way Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) are perceived, acquired, and deployed.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s), US Government-accredited installations, are in increasing demand and the pressure to maintain Intelligence Community (IC) Directives and Standards requires greater flexibility and an approach more viable than conventional construction or modified shipping containers to address the domestic and international challenges the IC faces today more than ever before.

Accelerating Deliverable Schedules, Decision Making Timelines, and Time to Market Processes.

iFortress’ iMove ExecuSuite™: Secure, Scalable Sensitive Work Environments™

Already domestically and internationally deployed and accredited within the IC Community, iFortress’ iMove ExecuSuite (iMove) is an excellent, fully functioning kit complete with structure, mechanical, electrical, suppression, and security infrastructure (“Turnkey”). The robust and accredited performance of this system has provided the USG with one of the highest performing, most reliable, efficient, scalable, and secure mission critical solution available.

Images displayed reflect the onsite assembly process and how the interior of an accredited assembly can be finished.  The fundamental elements, the delivered solution and performance of an iFortress assembly regardless of application, are essentially the same whether deployed for the purposes of a general office, a technical or data center, or an accredited secure work environment.

Engineered and Assembled to Suit Your Mission Needs

The structural elements of the iMove is a system of pre-engineered and factory finished floor, ceiling and wall panels designed and tested to the highest independent standards to provide comprehensive risk mitigation integrated with all the necessary environmental supporting infrastructure including Mechanical, Electrical, Suppression, and Security (“Turnkey”). Each scalable Sensitive Work Environment is a kit that is customized to meet the needs of the mission to include:

  • iCoustic™ Panels: pressure fitted fabric panels for noise attenuation and aesthetics
  • Secure Penetration Management Devices ensure 705 compliance with ventilation, cabling, wiring, and plumbing systems
  • Mechanical, electrical, suppression/plumbing, and security infrastructure to accommodate power, cooling, security, and safety needs
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Fire suppression

Deployable Anywhere, Every Time

Rapidly assembled, completely re-deployable, and is effective in almost every geographical environment, no matter how extreme the conditions.


  • Limitless site selection
  • Limitless configuration – from a few (64 Ft²) to thousands of square feet large (1,000’s + Ft²)
  • Scalable, spatially adaptive, and expandable to any size
  • Re-deployable
  • Quick to deploy
  • Comprehensive Risk Mitigation
  • ICS/ICD 705 and JFAN6/9SAPF physical security standards compliant
  • RF/TEMPEST Shielding
  • Rapidly Deployed – Adaptable infrastructure to meet requirements
  • Penetration management systems for cables, pipes, vents, traffic, etc.
  • Multiple security options including:
    • Lock and access limiting devices
    • Off-site monitoring
    • Motion detection

Design Features

Scalable – Right Size: Engineer and deploy based on today’s needs without limiting ability to meet whatever those needs may be tomorrow.

Re-Deployable: Each assembly is a kit that is accredited, used, and can be dis-assembled, moved, re-located, re-assembled, re-accredited, used, etc. – not a sunk costs, no decommissioned losses, no more non-performing, unusable real estate.

Accreditation support: OPSEC Survey; SID surveys, full service consulting; and STC and RF Testing.

Decision making information submitted in weeks – ROM, BOM, FFP Engineering

Speed: Final Engineering in six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Turnkey, operational deployments in a fraction of the time for conventional construction.

Acquisition Options: OPA Funding vs Milcon.

Security: iFortress solutions are accredited by the US Government Intelligence Community and compliant with International Building Code (IBC), ASTM International, NFPA, DOD, ICD/ICS 705, CNSSI, and other applicable US Government physical security and shielding standards.

US Pentagon: Structural Security™ Standards Defined

iFortress has revolutionized the way Sensitive Work Environments
and Data Centers are secured.

A US Pentagon, Headquarters of the United States Marine Corps, initiative had the Marines subject a single assembly
at Aberdeen Proving Grounds to a brutal series of military grade assaults for three and a half weeks attempting to crush, knockdown,
blow up (twice), blow down with hurricane force winds, rain, sleet, heat and cold, and then tried to burn it to the ground; to which the assembly withstood all attacks and a new standard for the structural integrity of mission critical operations was established.

Providing the only solution tested by the Pentagon/US Marine Corps to create a standalone, referenceable standard within the USG, unique only to iFortress:

The US DoD Standard for the Structural Integrity of Mission Critical Facilities against the Survivability and Lethality Directorate.

705 Compliance

Services Overview:

  • OPSEC Surveys:  Assessments of site conditions, personnel and procedures in regards to protecting sensitive and classified information and spaces.
  • SID Surveys:  Assessments of “Locks, Alarms, Guards and Guns”, Egress into and out of the subject area, Fencing, Bollards, IDS-ACS, Badging, Logs, General Traffic patterns for vehicles and personnel, signage, and general access.
  • Full-Service consulting and development of ICD 705 required paperwork:FFC (Fixed Facility Checklist), CSP (Construction Security Plan), DD254 etc.
  • Design Consultation:  Full Scope Design Development, Overview, Review of plans and Blue-Prints. Equipment Specification, SOW Development and Vendor Selection Review. TEMPEST Shielding design schemes, Grounding Schemes, Sound Masking Schemes.  All services related to ICD/ICS 705 compliance.
  • Full Suite of RF Testing related to TEMPEST requirements and  STC Testing:  All Tests performed under the same methodologies and parameters as Government Cognizant Authorities.

Accreditation Expertise:

  • Personnel have the experience, credentials and expertise to take all projects from a conceptual phase through Accreditation.
  • Benefit of having former IC employees and CTTA’s gives our clients the leverage to interact with the Cognizant Authorities.
  • Benefit of understanding that our Team will interact with the Cognizant Authorities at the earliest stages of the various projects to ensure Government “buy-in” of designs, methodologies and threat mitigation strategies to ensure a smooth path throughout the project timeline.
  • Benefit of taking steps to ensure that project anomalies are handled WHEN they occur rather than after the project is complete reduces costs and keeps project timelines from slipping.  This is done through; regular inspections, spot checks, intermediate RF and STC Testing and Project Oversight.
  • Benefit of understanding that the project file is a Living Document that outlines the progression of the project as it relates to ICD/ICS 705 so that when the final package is submitted it is complete and free of errors and omissions.
  • Benefit of the Team having Hundreds of successful projects brought to accreditation with a 100% success rate.

iFortress’ Government Clients