Limitless Site Selection Possibilities

No matter where, inside, outside, rooftop, underground, parking lots, or what, what size, what power load, what redundancy criteria, iFortress’ unique and proprietary panelized, structural system, the MCF Series iFortress™, allows us to deliver fully functioning, “server ready” solutions, the iFortress xSite iTX™ and iShelter iTX™ for interior and exterior applications that have been engineered and independently tested to exceed the International Building Code (IBC) standard for exterior buildings, the ASTM International standards for life safety, and the US DoD Survivability and Lethality Standards for structural integrity.

Class A, B, C, and D Properties

  • I. Inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, basement, roof, or underground
  • II. Proximity to power/bandwidth

B. Class C/D

  • I. No longer spend capital improving someone else’s property
  • II. Long-short term (leasing)

C. No pre-con demolition

  • I. Creates alternatives

By utilizing iFortress’ technology, the major site determinant now becomes proximity to power and bandwidth. By eliminating a comprehensive lists of risks, you can now consider less expensive options such as “B”, “C”, and even “D” class sites that may also provide additional, perhaps cheaper power or bandwidth options.

iFortress eliminates the need to spend money on pre-construction leasehold improvements to ready someone else’s property for your own purposes. iFortress creates multiple site alternatives that include standalone outdoor locations, upper floors, basements, roofs, even in underground caves. iFortress can be built as a external structure or a structure within a building.

iFortress is removable and is not a capital improvement. Permitting for the iFortress is considered to be a simple interior alteration, making the permitting process both faster and easier. iFortress is engineered to minimize weight loads, and as such can be located on upper floors and even on rooftops with minor reinforcement if needed at all.

iFortress is a structural platform that allows an organization to utilize their available space with maximum efficiency. Companies can now consider any location in virtually any environment that previously would not have been feasible for a data center. iFortress allows you to overcome virtually every architectural challenge from pipes to columns to leaky roofs, load levels, even security concerns; enabling you to adapt to the environment at hand while providing complete risk mitigation.