Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

“Every decision that is made for a mission critical facility has to ensure the short and long term survivability, sustainability, and functionality objectives of the organization. Any decision short of meeting this imperative puts the entire organization and all those who depend on it for their lives and/or livelihoods at risk.” Jerry Lyons, CEO/President, iFortress

This is your most mission critical facility; not some atypical or extraordinary office space where how it comes together should be left to the same misguided practices that are used for the construction of your general offices. One has nothing to do with the other. You lose an office, you work around it, and carry on with your business. We lose our mission critical facility and we’re out of business. Period. It’s that simple.

iFortress has engineered a panel based system, the MCF Series iFortress™, that has been independently tested and is rated as a complete assembly to ensure that your survivability, sustainability, and functionality objectives are met, and to establish a single standard for the Structural Security™ of mission critical facilities worldwide.

iFortress exceeds all International Building Codes (IBC) for exterior buildings: wind, load, bend, sheer, and Seismic; ASTM International/UL: fire, thermal, and hydro-dynamics; and environmental: Green, LEED contributing technology, and Energy Efficiencies. iFortress was designed, engineered, built, and tested to withstand the most stringent commercial and military standards.

Tested not on the component level, but rather as an assembly, the MCF Series iFortress™ has been subjected to multiple brutal assaults, including a single assembly that was commissioned by the US Pentagon, United States Marines Corps, and Marine Corps System Command.

In addition to all of the independent commercial testing (i.e. ASTM International, Intertek, NJIT, UL, etc.) that had been done, The Pentagon/United States Marine Corps acquired, took possession of, assaulted, and tested a single MCF Series iFortress™ assembly for three and half weeks by commissioning:

Marine Corp System Command (Marcor Syscom) and the United States Army Developmental Test Command at the Military Environmental Technology Demonstration Center under the Survivability/Lethality Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. For three and a half weeks, the US Military subjected a single MCF Series iFortress™ assembly to:

  • Structural load
  • Wind
  • Bend
  • Sheer
  • Seismic
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Heat
  • Environmental – Thermals/Weather
  • Physical Assault/Blast

After three and half weeks, the MCF Series iFortress™ sustained no measurable structural damage and passed every test. Same unit: blown up (twice), loaded, tried to knock down, blow down, burned. No measurable structural damage.

From an environmental and human threat perspective, iFortress is engineered to be technologically superior to conventional construction in every conceivable way. iFortress provides a precision engineered solution to defend against a comprehensive list of threats that occur simultaneously and without order, including water, fire, smoke, wind, acrid gas, EMI, EMP, Seismic, assault, vandalism, and corporate espionage. When deploying a mission critical facility, it is imperative to understand the meaning of “comprehensive risk mitigation”.

iFortress proactively reduces the very real threat of downtime due to human and environmental incidents – it changes the focus from insurance to assurance, and the planning paradigm from one of Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning to one of Disaster Prevention.

Click on download links below for Standards and Specifications of MCF Series iFortress™ for various applications:
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