Immediate: Positive Bottom Line Impact

Dollar for dollar, turnkey iFortress xSite iTX and iShelter iTX solutions exceed industry standards* for the costs of conventional construction for data centers considering the superiority and how perfectly aligned this solution is with our market’s needs (i.e. speed of deployment, adaptive design/spatial elasticity, energy efficiencies, fiscal efficiencies, comprehensive risk mitigation, etc.).

Depending on spatial planning, power load requirements, and redundancy criteria, iFortress can actually reduce your overall “turnkey” budget. In addition, where conventional engineering and construction practices take months if not years with change orders and project delays, iFortress is:

  • Operational in less time;
  • Can be right sized;
  • Reduces operating costs;
  • Can be fully depreciated; and
  • Mitigates one disaster; etc.

Further intangibles: dollar value of each month operational ahead of schedule; amount saved in equipment costs just by right sizing your facility; financial impact on your business and its survivability of one incident avoided; seven year depreciation versus thirty year balance sheet residual; no increase in property tax; etc.

Then, what is the dollar value of being operational one month ahead of schedule times the number of months that iFortress takes off your schedule; how much can be saved in equipment costs just by right sizing your facility; what is the financial impact on your business and its survivability of one incident avoided; etc.

Faster Realization of Revenue and Savings

iFortress has brought many projects online far ahead of even the most aggressive schedules. Every month that a data center is operational can mean significant savings and/or added revenue to the bottom line. Each month that iFortress helps keep your mission critical facility running translates into real savings/revenue.

Right Sizing Space and Infrastructure

Rapidly engineering and deploying a mission critical facility based on your technological and spatial needs today without limiting your ability to adapt to tomorrow’s demands, provides savings and benefits that are as staggering as they are broad.

Reduced Operating Costs

While the impact is significantly greater, even as little as a 2% differential on operating efficiency will create a negative cost of ownership over the life of a facility.

Best Use of Capital: Asset Management

Correctly specified and ultimately purchased, owned and operated infrastructure and equipment; by right sizing their facility, many of iFortress’ customers have been able to significantly reduce their original, conventionally built data center budgets by simply not having to over-purchase equipment.

Disaster Prevention

iFortress has provided immediate ROI several times over. By averting one disaster, the damage iFortress saves your data center (i.e. information loss, downtime, recovery, repair costs) will pay for itself in no time. This will result in an immediate return on any investment differential.

Ensure Future in Evolving Markets

Perpetually retain state of the art, most energy efficient facility status – fully depreciated equipment in five years – off lease, pull out obsolete equipment, plug in state of the art – maintain competitive edge in IT driven economy.

* Industry Standard References: Uptime Institute: Teir II, III, and IV; W. Pitt Turner, PE with Kenneth G. Brill, Cost Model: Dollars Per kW Plus Dollars Per Square Foot of Computer Floor; Intel: Data Center Facilities IT Handbook.