The iPortal™ and Portal Panel is a proprietary engineered system that facilitates the transfer of pipes, cables, wires, and the management of all elements that need to enter and/or exit the assembly. This Panel consists of a steel housing that is secured where an Exo-Therm™ Penetration Wheel is inserted. Elements are then managed through the Wheel in accordance to specific routing requirements, which are then sealed within the housing and maintain the integrity requirements of the entire assembly.

iPassage™ MT™ Door System and Construction

The iPassage™ MT Door System has a double steel wall construction and performance specific core to resist human and environmental breach and/or intrusion. Additionally, the iPassage MT™ is outfitted with multi-gasket seals, an access-neutral locking device, crash bar hardware, an easy, light swing action hinge design, and a time response sensor with an associated switch and buzzer/strobe apparatus.

Access Neutral Locking Device

A neutral system with a simple, dry contact interface provides basic locking engagement when a door is closed. Access control devices such as key punch, card swipe, biometrics scanning, voice activation, or retinal scans are integrated to this device.

Crash Bar

Mechanical crash bar design ensures that egress from within is unencumbered and consistent with national fire code standards.

iSecure Mounting System™

The integrity of the MCF Series iFortress™ is never compromised, even when the integration of essential mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure is underway. All peripheral equipment mounts easily with the iSecure Mounting System; a series of threaded ports (5/8” #11) located every two feet (2’) on the center of the walls and ceiling panels, completely eliminating core drilling and the need to locate stud walls for completing your turn-key facility. Each “port” can support up to two hundred pounds of weight, allowing virtually any equipment to be mounted (i.e. fascia panels, electrical boxes, fire suppression systems, main distribution frames, lighting and cable trays, etc.)

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