Your data center design may already exist within our library of pre-configured, engineered solutions.

What used to take months if not years at exorbitant costs to provide you with the information needed to make your decision, simply by providing iFortress with the following information, within weeks iFortress will provide you with an

iFortress Certified Response Package™

representing how the fully functioning, turnkey iFortress xSite iTX™ and/or iFortress iShelter iTX™ are acquired as a single line item appliance, a Model No.:

  • Conceptual Drawing – a single page layout direct from the complete, stamped drawing package that iFortress provides with every project;Materials List – the xSite and iShelter are engineered using state of the art equipment, all power and cooling is Schneider gear; and
  • A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) price for your solution.

The engineering of an iFortress solutions is a one-time process. Once the design criteria is established and subsequently engineered, then this solution can be repeated over and over again as an independent Model # and since the iFortress panel system renders the environmental influences that dictate how each data center is ultimately engineered, the iFortress xSite iTX™ and iShelter iTX™ solutions have universal applicability that as a branded appliance provide you with consistency, quality, and the highest degree of reliability possible.

The iFortress xSite iTX™ and iFortress iShelter iTX™ are not a capital improvement and therefore:

  • Can have little to no impact on property tax, the base tax remains constant with its prior state;
  • Can be rapidly depreciated as a removable asset like modular furniture; and
  • Can be leased – 12 to 60 month FMV and $1 Buyout lease options available.

The iFortress xSite iTX™ and iFortress iShelter iTX™ have been engineered as a Brand to be the highest performing, most reliable, efficient, and secure mission critical solution available worldwide.


ishelter-imagecertified response package

Please complete and submit the following RFQ Form:



Company Name

Site Address, City, State, Country

Point of Contact (POC) Name

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When is an xSite iTX™ best

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Purpose of Facility (select)

Targeted Operational Date

Anticipated Life Cycle of iTX (Number of years):

When is an iShelter iTX™ best


Interior / Exterior Location (select)

Estimated Available Ft²/M²
(Rack & Infrastructure)

Estimated Length
(Based on 2ft/6096cm dimensions)

Estimated Width
(Based on 2’/6096cm dimensions)

Enclosure Height_Outside
Dimension OD_ (select)

NB* shape of the assembly is not limited
to a square or a rectangle, and provided
that all lengths and widths are on 2’/6096cm
dimensions with 90° corners, the
configuration possibilities are endless.

Should your site conditions lend to a
uniquely configured assembly,
please forward a pdf or AutoCAD file
of your space to
noting your RFQ Reference # above.

However, in order to continue with
processing your RFQ in advance of
receiving your support information,
please provide estimated lengths
and widths based on 2’/6096cm
dimensions at this time.


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Battery Run Time (Minutes)

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Electrical Redundancy Design

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Backup Generator on Site

Outdoor Generator - Space Available

Max. Down Time – Minutes

Battery Back-up Time – Minutes

Distance to Electrical Utility

Utility Voltage (Domestic/International)


Max. Short Ckt. Withstand Ratings

Rack Voltage

Generator Requirements

Generator Run Time (Hours)

BTUs UPS (Each)

BTUs PDU (Each)

Total BTUs Electrical Equipment

Site Profile (As much information as possible)

Available Electric