On-Site Assembly

Technology waits for no one, especially an infrastructure that takes years to build, and continually needs to be adapted to the changes taking place within that timeframe. Depending on its size and location, iFortress’ iTX can be operational in a matter of months, weeks or even days. Rapid deployment does not mean sacrificing quality. The iTX meets all International Building Code (IBC) for exterior structures, ASTM International and NPFA life safety standards as well as US DoD Survivability and Lethality Directorate standards. Once assembled the iTX is hermetically sealed, air and watertight, impervious to fire, contaminants and unauthorized entry. When needs change, the unit can be just as quickly reconfigured or disassembled.

iFortress’ iTX is truly location independent. Options are available for interior and exterior applications. The iShelter MCS is suited for exterior locations with wide access such as parking lots or brownfield sites. It is delivered in pre-configured Decks, which are connected together on-site. The xSite MCS is designed for interior environments, warehouses, offices, rooftops, and underground installations. All of the materials, parts and equipment are shipped separately and assembled on-site according to a pre-determined schedule.

iFortress is a pre-engineered solution consisting of a series of factory finished, infinitely configurable components produced by iFortress and shipped to the job for on-site assembly. iFortress provides complete spatial adaptability to meet your IT footprint today and the constantly changing needs of your organization tomorrow. iFortress enables an organization to expand its data center in less time, with less capital, and without exposing your critical IT infrastructure to the threats of a construction zone during the expansion process.