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The health and wealth of our businesses depend on the data we collect, create, compare and continually process. The resources and efforts we put into optimizing and protecting these assets need to be as smart as today’s technology allows and should never be a drain on the bottom line.

Data centers provide the framework that facilitates the interexchange of mission critical information and processes. Traditional data centers are highly inflexible, static, inefficient, and inadequately protected spaces that linger on a company’s books long after they become obsolete. The demand for rapidly deployed, secure and practical solutions for housing IT operations has far outpaced the industry’s ability to cost-effectively engineer and deliver a “smarter” data center….until now.

iFortress’ Information Technology Exchange (iTX) is a dynamic, location-independent, and process-ready turnkey solution. Based on the iFortress system of interlocking panels, this iTX is virtually impenetrable, adapts to any size or location, and can go or grow along with a business. In addition to revolutionizing the “data center” concept with regard to physical and structural security and flexibility, iFortress’ iTX has built-in benefits that add up to significant cost savings.

As our experience of the data center has evolved from that of a passive depository to a synergistic hub where all of the pieces of information and technology converge, and where all mission critical elements essential to business survival are in motion…..not just a data center but an Information and Technology Exchange (iTX). This new entity requires a mission critical solution that not only contains, protects and facilitates your data processing, but also adapts to your every move.

In partnership with industry leaders, iFortress has engineered and delivers the iFortress’ iTX solutions; flexible, location independent, highly efficient and secure mission turnkey facilities. As a fully engineered, rack or server ready appliance, the iFortress intuitive architectural design that is fully configurable to satisfy your current IT requirements and infinitely adaptable to the growing needs of your business. Using iFortress interlocking panel technology and pre-engineered turnkey solutions, iFortress’ iTX can be assembled – and operational – in a fraction of the time of a traditional data center. It is engineered to withstand extreme weather, fire, dirt and dust, contaminants, unauthorized entry and other threats to the integrity of your data. And because the iTX is not limited by size, shape or location, it can be placed virtually anywhere from inside an existing facility or warehouse to outside in a parking lot, on a rooftop or a brownfield site.

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