Global Citizenship & Responsibility

Whether behaving as individuals or as an organization, iFortress’ sole commitment is to serving our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. As global citizens and human beings, the scope of our concerns has to be much broader. iFortress is committed to supporting International Care Ministries (ICM) as its officially declared charity:
“ICM has been serving the very poor in the slums of the Philippines since 1992. Working on the islands of Negros, Bohol and Mindanao, ICM stands with and lives alongside the people who live in desperate circumstances. Most of our beneficiaries subsist on less than US $0.50 per day, live without clean water or sewerage, and suffer from malnutrition and its related illnesses. ICM’s unique approach is to partner with the existing infrastructure of the local faith based organizations that are found in most slum communities. By providing numerous programs, which address the real needs of those living in poverty, ICM empowers these local groups and their supporters to tangibly build from and share the message of love within their communities.”

iFortress dedicates its resources, both personal and financial, to help ensure ICM’s success. ICM is an outstanding organization with exceptional leadership that has a long-standing, proven methodology for improving the lives of so many. iFortress is honored to be a part of this outstanding organization and is humbled to serve its cause.

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