Financial Efficiencies

The upfront costs for iFortress more often prove to be less than conventional engineering and construction.

Additionally, when considering construction versus the impermanency of the iFortress’ panelized solutions consider the tax consequences of each: the tax ramification of permanent construction is generally depreciated over 39 years where modular facilities like iFortress qualify for 7 year depreciation.

The reason is that unlike construction, which is classified as “real property”, thus having a longer depreciable life, iFortress is not a capital improvement.  It can be fully dismantled, relocated, and reassembled.  This mobility, under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), allows the iFortress solutions to be classified as “tangible property” providing the shorter 7 year depreciable life that allows you to realize a greater tax benefit in a much shorter term.

Security Efficiency

Risk Avoided, iFortress represents real risk mitigation, allowing you the option of choosing to accept higher deductibles and thus lower insurance premiums.

Time and Scheduling Efficiency

The field assembled iFortress solution is engineered to align your technological needs with your infrastructure and spatial footprint. It is no longer necessary to oversize your facility with a subsequently over-sized infrastructure that cause so much of today’s operational inefficiencies. By “right” sizing the facility and the infrastructure, iFortress actually reduces initial budgets significantly and can drastically reduce the cost to operate it. This can save millions in capital expenditure and related operational expenses.

Spatial Efficiency

iFortress unlocks new, inexpensive alternatives for “B” “C” and “D” real estate options that may have better access to power and/or bandwidth without the additional costs of upgrading the shell of the facility in question.

Fiscal Efficiency

iFortress and the entire turnkey facility can be written off (depreciated as an asset) faster than the 39 year depreciation of typical capital improvements. This translates into significant tax advantages, off balance sheet financing, and the ability to be more responsive to changing budgetary requirements.

Competitive Efficiency: Perpetual Relevance

iFortress provides a competitive advantage in the pursuit of new customers. iFortress can provide a tangible level of efficiencies and security, which greatly enhances the stability of your organization; a distinct advantage in winning new customers.
Perpetually retain state of the art, most energy efficient status throughout the entire, ever adapting life cycle of your facility. Fully depreciate the entire asset like furniture, lease the asset – once off lease, pull out what is obsolete, plug in the most current and relevant technology, appeal to new markets and maintain your competitive edge in a highly competitive market.
There is no comparison by any measure between standard engineering and construction and the iFortress solution Time and time again, iFortress has proven to be the most cost effective and beneficial option available for owning, operating, and securing a mission critical facility.