Adaptive Design/Spatial Elasticity©

While it is prudent to plan for growth, it is perhaps wiser to plan for change. Too often, information and technology exchange facilities are built to accommodate potential capacity, thereby requiring companies to support large empty spaces with costly infrastructures and equipment that may or may not be needed. Right sizing, the act of engineering the size of one’s iTX to meet today’s needs using a flexible solution, can reduce capital budgets by as much as 45%, thus directly aligning expenses with revenues while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership.

Change driven by growth often means expansion, technology refreshes could mean contraction, and change driven by business could mean relocation. With iFortress all measures of change can be accommodated with relative ease and great financial benefit: expand or contract without disruption to existing infrastructure and operations; relocate without leaving behind a tremendous investment that from a financial perspective is traditionally treated as a lost or “sunk cost”: as a depreciable asset that is not a capital improvement, the iFortress iTX appliance can be dissembled and relocated or even bought back.

iFortress’ iTX is the first truly scalable solution, engineered to meet today’s needs without limiting the ability to expand, reduce or relocate. Engineered to a company’s specific requirements, the materials for each model-numbered unit are shipped to the location and assembled on-site. As needs change, the iTX can be modified to accommodate more or less infrastructure, personnel and equipment. It also can be disassembled for relocation or sold on the market.

Introducing iFortress’ Adaptive Design/Spatial Elasticity© approach to engineering your mission critical facility based on your needs now without limiting your ability to accommodate whatever they may be in the future. An engineered solution that expands and/or contracts with your needs as the spatial dynamics of your technology footprint and requirements evolve without ever once compromising the integrity, efficiencies, or security of the functioning business center. From location to size and configuration, iFortress provides total flexibility to modify the IT footprint at any time and in virtually any direction in two-foot increments.

iFortress enables your organization to adapt its existing facility in record time without disruption. And it is done with less capital, and without ever having to expose your critical IT infrastructure to the threats of a construction zone during this process. iFortress brings new meaning to the term “scalability.” You are no longer constrained by inflexible brick and mortar solutions. Nor are you confined to the dimensions of a shipping container.

iFortress allows for dimensional optimization and gives you the ability to match your spatial footprint with your current needs and technology base. Thus maximizing its operational efficiency while minimizing capital outlay. Unlike any other alternative, iFortress can be easily dismantled, re-sized and even relocated as required. This unparalleled flexibility has revolutionized long-term planning for critical IT infrastructure.

Since 2004, iFortress has consistently met its market’s needs with unparalleled spatial precision and financial acuity.