Accelerated Schedules

Data centers provide the framework that facilitates the interexchange of mission critical information and processes. Traditional data centers are highly inflexible, static, inefficient, and inadequately protected spaces that linger on a company’s books long after they become obsolete. The demand for rapidly deployed, secure and practical solutions for housing IT operations has far outpaced the industry’s ability to cost-effectively engineer and deliver a “smarter” data center….until now.

iFortress’ Information Technology Exchange (iTX) is a dynamic, location-independent, and process-ready turnkey solution. Based on the iFortress system of interlocking panels, this iTX is virtually impenetrable, adapts to any size or location, and can go or grow along with a business. In addition to revolutionizing the “data center” concept with regard to physical and structural security and flexibility, iFortress’ iTX has built-in benefits that add up to cost savings.